Apr 17, 2015

Foothills Trail: Bad Creek to Hilliard Falls

Easter Weekend, I was joined by loki and Running Feather for an overnighter on the Foothills trail.  We started at Bad Creek reservoir and hike to Hilliard fall in Jocassee Gorges. The weather was great and so was the hiking. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say a great time was had by all! there's no real easy way to get to the falls that I know of, but it is worth the trek I assure you.

We set out saturday the 4/4/15 around 10Am hiking roughly north east. First crossing the Whitewater river almost immediately, then came the first clime of the day. We then dropped to the thompson river which was followed by another climb. After about three hours, around 6 miles,  and a little trail maintenance,   we found a nice grove of trees .3 miles from Hilliard falls. We set up camp, lollygagged a while, and then took in Hilliard falls before closing out the day around the fire.

FHT: Bad Creek to Hilliard Falls Part 1

Sunday morning was brisk and we were in no hurry to hump back up the hill we had descended the day prior. so we had a little fire and took our time getting going. Starting out was 500 ft of elevation gain in about a half mile. that'll get the heart pumping first thing after breakfast! We set a nice pace heading back to the cars but stopping at a campsite on the Thompson river for a nice break by the river before finishing the last couple miles back to Bad Creek

The hike was followed by a good cheeseburger and rejoicing in the thrills of the weekend!

FHT: Bad Creek to Hilliard Falls Part 2