Sep 12, 2016

A bit of a stressful day...

Went for a follow up appointment on my knee reconstruction. After being taken back for X-rays the physician assistant came in with a flurry of questions. This was abnormal to my previous follow ups. She then told me the Doctor had ordered new X-rays and he would be in the X-rays room with me. At this point I was getting really nervous and was asking repeatedly of something was wrong. The only answer I got was, Dr Large will explain during X-ray.

Once I got to X-ray, he explained that the fibula had shift forward at the knee joint and the previous X-ray was showing bone on bone contact... They took a second X-ray and saw little improvement from the previous X-ray.

At this point he began to work the knee to check for stability issues. He then told me he was going to order a CT scan. I was nervous to the point I was physically shaking... I was not this nervous during the fall or the six hours I spent waiting to be rescue...

At that point, I was basically given the different ways this would play out:

Worst case. I end up having full knee replacement now

Most likely my knee will never be quite aligned right which will cause issues down the road

Best case it's nothing serious and will correct itself as I continue with PT

After having CT scan, I headed home and awaited the call from the doctor....

The knee actually looks better on the CT scan. The inside of the fibula has shifted forward 2mm but the outside part is in the correct position. He does not see any reason for surgery. He foresees arthritis  issues being a big possibility. But he said I could possibly improve as I get the leg stronger. The Doctor told me after reviewing the CT that it was not something to get overly worried about but it sure was a scare as it was happening real time today

.... Crazy way to start the week