Apr 20, 2011

My Brother's Dream come true!!!

.... Well at least one of them (sorry, I have not won the lottery yet)... A little over a month ago, my brother and I were headed up to the Linville Gorge when he show me a letter he was writing to Duck Unlimited Magazine. In reading and editing this for him, I discovered that he had a winning photo in their Photo contest. I asked "what photo?" He preceded to tell me that it was one that he took of himself at sunrise while hunting this past winter. I remembered the photo well. I  found it quite stunning when I originally saw it, as well as did many others. It actually has inspired an idea for A shot that I want of me backpacking, but the weather has not cooperated as of yet. So I'm still waiting....

 I know that in the past, he has submitted many photos to DU with no luck of having them published. Well This time around he submitted one photo and WON BEST OVERALL!!! 

CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT!! Well deserved acknowledgement of your talents! It truly is "Picture Perfect"

Read the DU magazine writeup here: