Sep 1, 2011

Summer is coming to a close...

That's right, and I couldn't be happier. For me,when the temps start to cool in the Carolinas, My outdoor excursions increase!!!

This weekend I will be head to my second favorite wilderness area. The Linville Gorge...

I will be leaving Greenwood at approximately 4pm Friday. I will drive up to the Gorge where I will camp at one of the pull-off campsites on Kistler rd. Saturday I will park my car at the Pinch in Trail head and descend the trail to the river where I will be meeting Friends to lollygag and chillax for the day and night. Sunday I will ascend Pinch in. From there I will be driving up to Old Conley parking area and will be making my way to Lost Dog camp. Finally Monday, if everything goes as planned I will be meeting three guys that I met from for some exploring and trail work before heading home sometime in the afternoon.

I may have a Cell signal at times and I will try to get text messages out when I can.

Hope everyone has a Great Labor Day Weekend!!! Stay tuned for a trip report!